Why use Autovault storage?

Storing your car for the long term in Sydney can be quite problematic. Any choice you make would depend on whether you are renting a place, own your own place, already have a car you use for regular commuting, or want to use the car for weekend commuting? The decision also depends on how valuable your car is because storing a trailer that you want to use for camping trips would need considerably less security than a vintage car or even a fancy car that you only want to take out on special occasions.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a reliable storage facility that could cater to all your needs? That’s where we – Autovault – come in. Autovault provides you a range of secure, easy to access car storage facilities to suit your requirements. And our passion for cars makes us an ideal choice, even if we do say it ourselves, to store your car.

Customized storage: We have specially designed areas that can be used to store large cars and regular-sized areas for smaller ones.We even have storage areas specifically designed for your boats. So you don’t need to store your vintage cars in areas designed for camping vans and trailers.

Round-the-clock security: Our state-of-the art storage facilities that have CCTV cameras, no public access, and multiple alarm systems, ensure that our storage facilities are as secure as they can get.

Easily accessible: Our car storage facilities are just a phone call away. To access your vehicle, all you need to do is to place a call to us and your vehicle would be available for you as and when you want all seven days of the week.

Additional features: In addition to these features, our car storage facilities are reasonably priced so you can afford to store your car with us. To sweeten the deal, if you plan to store your car for a year or more, we offer free maintenance for your car. We offer free battery trickle charge, car cover, tyre pressure check, and even an engine run once a month, if required. This way you don’t need to be concerned about the state of your car if you need to go away for a lengthy period of time.

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